Five Creative Ways To Be Generous This Holiday Season

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As the townhouses in my complex started to light up and mall parking lots became packed with shoppers, I realized the holiday season was upon us. This is the season for gift giving, meal planning and social gathering. Families and friends travel far to see each other, longing to connect and slow down. 2022, without a doubt, has been a roller coaster.


Thank You!

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Each year I make sure that I reach out on behalf of our team to say Thank You to our clients, the professionals inside and outside of our firm who help us support our clients, our suppliers, our network of advocates, charities & professional organizations, friends of our firm and our families. This list includes some of the best people alive on the planet, we regularly brag about the quality of people we get to serve and those who help us serve. Hopefully, you hear ‘thank you’ from us often.

Three Steps To Eliminate Stress from Your Portfolio

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“I have absolutely no concerns about our financial future”. This was the unsolicited response at the end of a recent client review. This client is a more sophisticated investor with a long history of investing in many types of investments.

Volatility is Optional for High Net Worth Investors

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Are you tired of volatile equity markets? Want to escape the losses in your fixed income investments? If your investment portfolio exceeds $1M you can avoid the volatile equity markets, avoid losses in fixed income and generate solid, consistent returns. Ultra-high-net-worth investors and institutional investors have been doing this for decades with non-traditional investments.

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What We Can Learn from Canada’s Richest Families

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I was on a webinar recently that featured Paul Desmarais III. Paul is the Chairman & CEO of Sagard Holdings ULC and SVP Power Corp. The Desmarais family is one of the richest families in Canada. Three things stood out for me. Click to read our blog to find out what you can learn from Canada’s richest families.

The Most Important Discovery I’ve Made In The Last Decade

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I am constantly learning; whether it is from great books (thank goodness for audio books) or great people who I have the privilege of interacting with.
Today, I want to share with you one of the most important discoveries I have made in the last decade.

It has revolutionized my life, reduced my stress, and made life incredibly more enjoyable.

It is called the ‘Belief Matrix’ and it was taught to me by my friend and mentor, Paul Anthes, of R3 Coaching.


What Generosity Can Look Like During Covid-19

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It is natural in a time of sudden change and unknowns to focus on our own situation. Our natural instincts are for self preservation. That is a good thing, and it will help us adapt, persevere, find solutions, and overcome our challenges. Humans are resilient. Click to read more and learn What Generosity Can Look Like During Covid-19.