Five Creative Ways To Be Generous This Holiday Season

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As the townhouses in my complex started to light up and mall parking lots became packed with shoppers, I realized the holiday season was upon us. This is the season for gift giving, meal planning and social gathering. Families and friends travel far to see each other, longing to connect and slow down. 2022, without a doubt, has been a roller coaster.


Thank You!

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Each year I make sure that I reach out on behalf of our team to say Thank You to our clients, the professionals inside and outside of our firm who help us support our clients, our suppliers, our network of advocates, charities & professional organizations, friends of our firm and our families. This list includes some of the best people alive on the planet, we regularly brag about the quality of people we get to serve and those who help us serve. Hopefully, you hear ‘thank you’ from us often.

How Much Is Enough

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I find it interesting that we have a natural discernment of how much is enough for many aspects of our life. This includes the dinner table, although the Thanksgiving dinner table often pushes the limits to that natural discernment, it also includes our limits when grocery shopping or even exercising.


Do You Have 2 Classes of Children in Your Family?

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Each new stage of life offers new insights, perspectives and hopefully wisdom. Our family is on the verge of our second child’s wedding. We have been blessed with exceptional people who have joined our family through marriage. This makes the occasion an incredible celebration. It really is one of life’s greatest blessings. Ask yourself, Do You Have 2 Classes of Children in Your Family?

Book Cover of Willing Wisdom: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die

Willing Wisdom: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die by Thomas William Deans

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This book is a collaborative approach to the most important document you will ever write: Your Will. “When you will with wisdom, it’s wisdom that you will – this is your greatest gift.” Thomas Deans . Tom Deans is a leading consultant to high net worth families and has revolutionized the thinking around family legacy and estate planning.

9 Awesome Ways To Engage Your Children And Grandchildren

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Summer is an awesome time of the year! Think back to your favourite memories. I’ll bet some involve two things – summer and important relationships. Whether it’s time at a cottage, camping, or a trip to grandma’s house, we are wired to cherish relationships. One of the things we value most, as parents, are love and harmony throughout our family and rich times together to enjoy it.