Legacy & Philanthropic Planning

Living a generous life leads to a rich life!

Transferring Your Wisdom and Wealth to Impact Many Generations

You have spent decades learning the principles and processes to create wealth. We believe transferring this wisdom can be of greater value than the riches you transfer. Would it not make sense to share the ability to create wealth as well? Give your family the foundation for recurring success for generations.

Generosity is a gift that continues to give. When children experience the joys of generosity, they learn to recognize others’ needs and gain self-affirming values that lead to personal and professional success. Giving to those less fortunate also helps them overcome clouded views of entitlement and materialism that can arise from being raised in a high net worth home.

Families who are generous with both their finances and time are able to come together with unified values and perspectives and instill a sense of purpose and belonging. We believe you receive much more when you give!

Our advisors help families understand the principles of generosity and work to uncover the causes family members are most passionate about. Together, we can share all forms of currency with the world around us- Labor, Influence, Finances, Experience (LIFE).

How To Impact Your Family For Generations

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"Success to me is about making a lasting difference through an intentional giving plan. Whatever your motivation, Trinity’s financial wizardry allows investors to increase their giving power significantly, to leave a legacy that benefits others long after they’re gone."

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