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Would you like to provide a financial blessing to your children without compromising their work ethic or furthering an attitude of entitlement?

Do you know how much tax your estate will pay?

Would you like to offset this liability?

Are you confident you will be able to financially fund your preferred future?

We understand the importance of ensuring that your financial and estate details are addressed and cared for, both for the present and the future. Allow our team of advisors to guide you through our process and address both the technical and relational aspects of your financial goals and estate planning. Together, we will ensure you achieve your objectives and nurture the family harmony you’ve worked so hard to create.

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Fifty-one percent of Canadians do not have a will; now that is an alarming statistic*. Without a proper estate plan, over 50% of some assets could disappear to tax, and that isn’t the costliest aspect...

Are You Leaving a Fraction of What You Could?

Our self-made, independent, North American lifestyle results in each generation basically starting over. Out of ignorance, we make the same mistakes of past generations and miss the incredible wisdom from the life lessons of those...

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Retired Tech Executive & Retired Teacher, Ajax

“Tim has been our financial advisor for twenty years and has become a friend. He and his team care about our entire family, are trustworthy, approachable at all times, consistent in approach and manner, and very knowledgeable in their specialty. The team provides innovative solutions, always provides options, and always has our best interests at heart.”

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