Family Business Succession

Preparing both your family and your business for the future.

Navigate Technical and Relational Transitions with Confidence

Do you have family members who are interested in taking over the family business or have they expressed disinterest and would prefer not to be involved?

Are you wondering how you should address family members who will not be active in the business, compared to those who are?

How critical is your business in funding your future, and how can the transition be completed effectively regarding taxes?

Family business succession brings with it its own complexities and challenges. Not only are you protecting the interests of your business and its employees, but you are managing familial relationships as well, which has the greatest potential of resulting in failure. Our team of advisors works to address both aspects so that you may succeed in every area of life. We’ll guide you through our process that leads to a successful transition that makes sense both financially and relationally.

Crucial Considerations for Your Business Succession

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Your success matters to us. Learn how our team can assist you in the succession of your family business with compassion and honesty.



Tree Services and Nursery, Ottawa

“The overwhelming busyness of our thriving family business literally consumed our lives and we really had no idea where or how to begin a succession plan. Trinity proposed, quarterbacked a comprehensive step-by-step plan, and collaborated with our existing tax and legal professionals. Our personal faith and commitment to steward our God-given resources wisely was reflected in the overall process. The resulting plan has given us a road map into the future, allowing us to execute steps strategically, give wisely and generously, using comprehensive strategies, and establishing clear and updated wills and estate plans, not to mention peace of mind for the years to come. We are grateful to Trinity for initiating the steps already taken and for the clear and direct path we have laid out ahead of us for the future of both families and the business.”

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