Thank You!

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Thank You!

Each year I make sure that I reach out on behalf of our team to say Thank You to our clients, the professionals inside and outside of our firm who help us support our clients, our suppliers, our network of advocates, charities & professional organizations, friends of our firm and our families. This list includes some of the best people alive on the planet, we regularly brag about the quality of people we get to serve and those who help us serve. Hopefully, you hear 'thank you' from us often.

Over the last week I was pondering how I should communicate our gratitude and on Sunday, two thoughts converged. Sunday morning our pastor, John VanderWindt, spoke about being joyful, being content and how contentment leads to generosity. John read the following poem and it struck a chord.

Present Tense 

It was Spring,
     But it was Summer I wanted,
The warm days,
     And the great outdoors.
It was Summer,
     But it was Fall I wanted,
The colorful leaves,
     And the cool, dry air.
It was Fall,
     But it was Winter I wanted,
The beautiful snow,
     And the joy of the holiday season.
It was Winter,
     But it was Spring I wanted,
The warmth,
     And the blossoming of nature. 

I was a child,
     But it was adulthood I wanted,
       The freedom, 
And respect.

I was twenty,
     But it was thirty I wanted,
To be mature,
     And sophisticated.
I was middle-aged,
     But it was twenty I wanted,
The youth,
     And the free spirit.
I was retired,
     But it was middle-age I wanted,
The presence of mind,
            Without limitations.

            My life was over.  But I never got what I wanted.  by Jason Lehman

Sunday evening, I was reading 'The Good and Beautiful God' by James Bryan Smith. In the final chapter he talks about "hurry sickness", (always being in a rush) that pervades our culture. He says "Hurriedness is an inner attitude that is not necessarily caused by outer circumstances; boredom is one of its symptoms. The solution to the problem is counter-intuitive: being present where you are." 

Twice in one day I was strongly encouraged to be present.

As we head into a weekend where we are likely to see friends and family our hope for you is that you will be present in each conversation and encounter. Enjoy each activity, enjoy the beauty and bounty of creation and those you are with. May your heart be filled with gratitude as our hearts are for you.

On behalf of the Trinity team,  Thank You!

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