Four of Life’s Most Critical Questions

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The demands of all the urgent things in our life keep us from focusing on the important things. After nearly 30 years providing financial advice, I believe the following four questions are the most important to ask. These four questions, if properly answered, will change your financial future and likely the health of your family relationships.


How To Realize A Massive Return On The Sale Of Your Business

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You have spent years, likely decades, overcoming challenges and building a successful business. Congratulations! You have accomplished an amazing feat very few people achieve. However, your greatest challenge may lay before you: successfully transitioning to the next phase of life. Read more to find out How To Realize A Massive Return On The Sale Of Your Business.

9 Awesome Ways To Engage Your Children And Grandchildren

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Summer is an awesome time of the year! Think back to your favourite memories. I’ll bet some involve two things – summer and important relationships. Whether it’s time at a cottage, camping, or a trip to grandma’s house, we are wired to cherish relationships. One of the things we value most, as parents, are love and harmony throughout our family and rich times together to enjoy it.