What Generosity Can Look Like During Covid-19

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It is natural in a time of sudden change and unknowns to focus on our own situation. Our natural instincts are for self preservation. That is a good thing, and it will help us adapt, persevere, find solutions, and overcome our challenges. Humans are resilient. Click to read more and learn What Generosity Can Look Like During Covid-19.

7 Warning Signs Your Business Succession Will Likely Fail

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History has proven that 70% of family businesses will not transition to the next generation. Will yours be one of the statistics? Based on our experience guiding families to a successful transition, here are 7 warning signs you are headed for serious problems.


The 7 Forms of Generosity

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Think of the last time you were the recipient of an act of kindness or generosity. How did it make you feel? Did it brighten up your day? Did you tell someone about it? Did it inspire you to pass kindness or generosity on to someone else? We cannot receive an act of kindness or generosity and not be positively impacted!