How Much Is Enough

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How Much Is Enough

I find it interesting that we have a natural discernment of how much is enough for many aspects of our life. This includes the dinner table, although the Thanksgiving dinner table often pushes the limits to that natural discernment, it also includes our limits when grocery shopping or even exercising. However, when it comes to money, unless we are proactive, our fear suggests we still need more regardless of the amount we have accumulated. I think the investment industry has taken advantage of this fear encouraging us to accumulate more and more and more. This is a great disservice as it robs us of contentment – the very thing we hope accumulation of money will provide.

I believe answering the question, “How much is enough?” is one of the most valuable exercises we can do for ourselves and our family. We are now starting to see people from various parts of society, on their own accord, beginning to ask, “Is there a point at which we have too much and need to share?” Perhaps our natural guide has not been killed off by the marketing machine of the financial industry.

The Trinity team helps all our clients begin to understand how much is enough for their future. This includes the funds required to provide for their own future needs as well as what is required to accomplish the objectives, they have in terms of leaving an inheritance and contributing to their favorite charities. This critical exercise provides peace of mind in terms of where our clients are in their accumulation journey, but just as important, it completely shifts the context in which we live. If we do not know what our finish line is, we are constantly in the pursuit of more, more, more. Once we know we are on track or we have already passed that point, our focus moves to relationships. Our natural inclination is to focus on spouses, family, friends, and community which for most of us is way more important than money anyway. Life is much richer when our focus is on relationships rather than money.

This critical exercise provides peace of mind in terms of where our clients are in their accumulation journey, but just as important, it completely shifts the context in which we live.

There are five other wonderful benefits of knowing how much is enough:

    1. If we have passed our finish line, it does not automatically mean it is time to stop working or sell the business. It simply means we know we don’t need to continue to work for money. So, if we’re going to continue to work, then we’re doing so for other reasons. We can then invest the money in social causes we are passionate about and bring us a great deal of satisfaction and joy.
    2. If we are in a work environment that we do not enjoy, answering this question gives us the permission to pursue purposes that are on our heart without having to worry about making money to fund those pursuits.
    3. For many people, our responsibilities have caused us to focus on material success. Once we know we have attained that, we can give ourselves permission to move from the pursuit of success to the pursuit of significance: Making a difference in the world we live in.
    4. Permission to focus on what is really most important to us which typically includes family, our health, purpose and helping others
    5. Meaning in our money. People are looking for meaning in many areas and money is not being excluded. They want to know that they are being responsible members of humanity. It is interesting that the most generous givers often are the most content, grateful and humble people you will ever meet. Our children and grandchildren are catching our attitudes and mirroring our actions. If we want our children to flourish, we need to involve them in our generosity.

Answering “How much is enough?” leads to great clarity in several areas, which leads to contentment and then freedom to live the way you really want to.

Give yourself a valuable gift, the knowledge of how much is enough for your future and your yearly needs. Then embark on the wonderful journey of discerning what to do with the excess. If you are looking for a guide, call us today. We would be happy to discuss how we have helped many families on their journey to wealth beyond money.


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