Book Cover of Willing Wisdom: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die

Willing Wisdom: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die by Thomas William Deans

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This book is a collaborative approach to the most important document you will ever write: Your Will. “When you will with wisdom, it’s wisdom that you will – this is your greatest gift.” Thomas Deans . Tom Deans is a leading consultant to high net worth families and has revolutionized the thinking around family legacy and estate planning.

9 Awesome Ways To Engage Your Children And Grandchildren

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Summer is an awesome time of the year! Think back to your favourite memories. I’ll bet some involve two things – summer and important relationships. Whether it’s time at a cottage, camping, or a trip to grandma’s house, we are wired to cherish relationships. One of the things we value most, as parents, are love and harmony throughout our family and rich times together to enjoy it.


Are You Leaving a Fraction of What You Could?

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Our self-made, independent, North American lifestyle results in each generation basically starting over. Out of ignorance, we make the same mistakes of past generations and miss the incredible wisdom from the life lessons of those generations

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Every Family’s Business: A Blueprint For Protecting Family Business Wealth By Thomas William Deans

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Gifting your business to your children can damage your business and undermine family relationships. He offers the compelling new perspective that it is, in fact, impossible to separate family and business. Touted as one of the 10 books every business should read by The New York Times.