Three Keys to Being A Multi-Millionaire

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Three Keys to Being A Multi-Millionaire

If you believe, as I do, that true wealth is made up of more than just money then you are much, much wealthier than you think. The key to enjoying your wealth is found in these simple steps:

  • Stop
  • Look, listen, feel, smell, taste 
  • Enjoy

Stop. Our days are packed and, in many cases, other people have 24/7 access to us. Living life at a fanatic pace robs us of some of our wealth and blinds us to most of our wealth. I believe our universe was created by an all-powerful, abundant, loving and personal God. Regardless of whether we agree on that, we will agree that the universe we live in exudes abundance – it’s everywhere. But I miss it constantly as I race through life trying to create wealth. It’s ironic that in the pursuit of wealth, I miss enjoying the incredible wealth I already have. I ask you to stop, just for ten minutes and notice the abundance in which you are immersed.

Look, Listen, Feel, Smell and Taste. Write down the abundance your senses experience or that come to mind. In 10 minutes, you will fill a page, maybe both sides!

Would you sell your sight for $1,000,000? What about your ability to hear? How about to feel, smell, taste, think or move? I would not sell any of these senses for such a small amount of money. If you wouldn’t either, then we both recognize the abundance of wealth we have in ourselves is worth millions of dollars!

Enjoy. Thanksgiving is such a perfect time to recognize and bask in the overwhelming abundance that is all around us.

Here is part of my list:

  • A unique, one-of-a-kind sunrise and sunset every day
  • Billions of majestic leaves in the Fall, in just one view
  • The beauty of a flower (of which there are tens of thousands of varieties)
  • The detailed colouring on each of a thousand different bird types
  • Lush green vegetation that grows everywhere in Canada and needs to be cut back regularly
  • Fresh water lakes, rivers and streams that cross our nation and run continuously
  • 400 billion, billion stars
  • A brilliant field of lavender, mustard or grain containing millions of kernels
  • Crickets so noisy, they drown out other sounds
  • Birds signing so loudly in the spring dawn, they wake you
  • The sound of a million snowflakes falling from a night sky
  • Thunder so close it shakes the house
  • A rock band, that you feel in your chest
  • Falling asleep via a 500-bullfrog choir
  • Laughter that comes from the gut
  • The embrace of a loved one
  • The warmth of the sun on our face when it’s millions of miles away
  • The softness of a baby’s skin
  • A sandy beach too hot to cross in bare feet
  • A south breeze blowing in your face, causing millions of leaves to applaud its presence
  • Tears of sorrow or tears of joy shared intimately with someone who knows the depth of your pain or height of your happiness
  • Butterfly kisses from a child
  • The smell of a spring rainfall
  • The smell of millions of freshly fallen leaves as you walk on their carpet
  • Thousands of lilac petals in one bush
  • The aroma of your mother’s best recipe
  • The fragrance of a baby after their bath
  • Sea salt in the air
  • The taste of a lush fruit (one of thousands of varieties)
  • Prime rib and red wine
  • The taste of a loved one’s tears of joy
  • A peach so packed with juice it runs down your face
  • Hundreds of flavours of coffee on a cold morning
  • Cool water in a parched mouth

Our lives are surrounded with abundance. We are multi-millionaires of wealth, beyond money. Let’s take a few moments and bask in the wealth we have. It’s a gift to ourselves and to others who will see our contentment and enjoy our gratitude.  

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