Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Although we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has been the source of great human loss, massive disruption, forced changes and challenges on most fronts, I find our environment in Canada to be one of the best, if not the best, in the world. I have an extensive list of reasons to be thankful.

The brilliance of a Canadian autumn always astounds me. The breathtaking color spectrum of the lands and forests and the shear magnitude are beyond man’s ability to create. It is there in abundance, free for all of us to enjoy and be moved by. I find it a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively during a time when much of the color of our lives has been restricted. It is profound that although the pandemic has had a deep impact on mankind, nature continues to cycle without being affected. I watched 3 foxes play early one morning (none with masks) and shortly after enjoyed seeing two deer feeding (not socially distanced) from a field that had just been harvested. The Canadian geese continue to fly south, unimpeded by the border patrol. The sun sets each evening in a brand-new, magnificent color scheme. Our own pets have not waned in their enjoyment of our company or their ability to make us laugh at their antics. Farm harvest equipment and farmer’s markets attest that the warm summer sunshine and rain have provided a bounty of fall harvest as abundant as in any year. We encourage you this Thanksgiving weekend to enjoy the beauty and bounty that is overt in nature and to take solace in its consistency and steadfastness.

Mankind’s resilience and creativity abounds, more pronounced than ever before. We have all learned to adapt to a new environment and have had six months’ experience. Aspects that were ‘never before’ challenges six months ago are now something we have mastered. We still face unknowns, but are used to masks, social distancing, fluctuating social bubble sizes, changing government regulations, and adapting our unique situation to our environment. I am regularly encouraged as I speak with the entrepreneurs we serve, learning how creative they have been. How they have maintained a positive outlook, pivoted their business, led their teams, and served their clients and customers in a unique environment. We encourage you to be confident in the fact that as we have overcome our challenges in the last six months, we will continue to adjust and conquer them in the future.

Mankind’s resilience and creativity abound, more pronounced than ever before.

We have been inspired to see how many of our clients and network have increased their financial generosity to charities and people in need. It has also been exciting to see how charities have adapted to serve others in new ways and with increased measures when needs have been greater. It has been wonderful to see people being generous with their time, talents and concern for others and making a positive difference.

The Trinity team is very thankful once again for the many blessings we enjoy. We are thankful for our clients, our professional and charity networks, the many people we learn from and with, and those that read our blogs and interact with us. We are thankful for our strategic partners and firms that support us as we serve others. We are thankful for the example you have been in being generous, caring, creative and courageous. Our hope and prayer is that you and your family will bask in the abundance we all have and that you will be rich toward others and yourself this Thanksgiving.

We are very thankful for you! ....the Trinity Team


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