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A Holistic Process Specifically Crafted for High Net Worth Families.

Wealth is comprised of more than financial prosperity. We believe that every aspect of life should be considered in achieving overall success and well-being. Trinity Family Wealth Advisors provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to creating wealth strategies that serve your family’s unique needs. Our multi-disciplined team of specialists guide families through every component of wealth management, rather than one aspect at a time, reducing the risk of missed opportunities. Let us help you gain back control of your family’s wealth and achieve wealth beyond money.


A Testament to How We Care for our Clients

Home Builder, Ottawa

"I was 100% in equities when the 2008 financial crisis hit. My investments dropped 30-50%, I lost sleep and worried a lot. Since then I found the Trinity team and non-traditional investments. We have had steady growth. During the COVID-19 crisis, I am sleeping beautifully because our investments have not dropped.”

Healthcare Professional, Ottawa

“There are many benefits of being a client of Trinity Family Wealth Advisors. They take the time to learn compressive and specific financial needs. The Capstone products they use have achieved their expected outcomes, year after year. Watching the volatility in the traditional markets regularly reminds me of my good decision to switch to Trinity Family Wealth Advisors. I have peace of mind. It’s great.”

Retired Dairy Farmer, Peterborough

"My wife and I have known our friend Tim Jenkins for more than 20 years. Since 2007, he has been our exclusive financial advisor. We have the utmost confidence in Trinity Family Wealth Advisors and their ability to help us accomplish our investment goals, which are regularly reviewed with them. We appreciate their desire to do what is best for us. Our investments often exceed gains beyond TSX or other indices and conversely, also during market slowdowns, have lower losses than the TSX. We would encourage anyone to explore Trinity’s vision and recommendations for investment goals.”

Retired Tech Executive & Retired Teacher, Ajax

“Tim has been our financial advisor for twenty years and has become a friend. He and his team care about our entire family, are trustworthy, approachable at all times, consistent in approach and manner, and very knowledgeable in their specialty. The team provides innovative solutions, always provides options, and always has our best interests at heart.”

Banking Executive & retired Healthcare Professional, Toronto

“Tim has been our financial planner for over 20 years. During that time, we always found that he lived with integrity. The Trinity team provides wise, holistic counsel on the many facets of finance. The investment mix they offer has always been diverse, giving consideration to our current and future needs. We are very pleased with how they balance our portfolio so that it takes advantage of the good times and mitigates against the bad times. We are confident in our ability to retire early. We do not lose sleep at night worrying about our portfolio, because we know it is in capable hands.”

Tree Services and Nursery, Ottawa

“The overwhelming busyness of our thriving family business literally consumed our lives and we really had no idea where or how to begin a succession plan. Trinity proposed and quarterbacked a comprehensive step-by-step plan utilizing our existing professionals. Our values and priorities were reflected in the overall process. The resulting plan has given us a road map into the future, allowing us to execute steps strategically, give wisely and generously, using comprehensive strategies, and establishing clear and updated wills and estate plans, not to mention peace of mind for the years to come. We are grateful to Trinity for initiating the steps already taken and for the clear and direct path we have laid out ahead of us for the future of both families and the business.”

Gain Control of Your Wealth With the Trinity 3-Step Approach.

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You’ve worked hard to reach your goals. Our advisors are licensed with an independent portfolio management firm that works on your behalf to find opportunities that do not fluctuate with the markets. Sleep at night regardless of market conditions.

Financial and Estate Planning

Create a financial strategy for your future that takes into account your estate, assets and personal portfolio. Have confidence knowing you are on track to reach your goals and peace of mind knowing you've taken care of your loved ones.

Family Business

Our passionate experts understand the complexities of maintaining the interests of your business while promoting strong relationships amongst family members. Your business and your family will be positioned to flourish, without missing out on key opportunities.

Legacy and philanthropic planning

Generosity inspires growth and success and is foundational to living a full life. Together, we will help you build memories and pass on the ability to create and maintain wealth so that your family’s success can continue for generations to come.

Wisdom for

Success and well-being are not based around what we have, but rather what we make of it. With our holistic approach, our team will guide you in managing your financial success and enjoying what you’ve worked so hard to create. True wealth is a life well lived.

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